Calibration and Maintenance

Performed calibrations are traceable to the SI system by national or international references. We follow key requirements of ISO 17025 standard in our calibrations or customers SOP (standard operating procedure) a calibration/maintenance report is delivered to customer of each calibration.

We provide calibration, testing and maintenance services for following equipment:

  • Particle Counters
  • Aerosol Photometers and Generators
  • Air Flow Meters and Air Velocity Meters
  • Micro manometers
  • Pressure meters: Differential Pressure, Barometer, Vacuum
  • Temperature, Humidity and CO2 meters
  • Combustion Gas Analysers
  • DAQ devices
  • Microbiological Samplers and Air Samplers
  • Ki-Discus and other Clean room special testing equipment
  • Isolators and Temperature Baths / Calibrators
  • Clean Water System Calibrations: conductivity, pressure and temperature etc.
  • Testing and Process Equipment in laboratories, pharmaceutical and electronics industry.
  • HVAC Field Calibrations
  • Temperature and humidity mapping of incubators, cold rooms and storage areas etc.

We also provide expertise, measurement and testing services for instrument manufacturers and other parties. For additional information, contact us via phone, email or contact form.

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